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Matthew Smith


Past Talks (selected):

  • SecAppDev'18 Keynote: Developer are not the enemy! Usable Security for Experts
  • OWASP Germany'17 Keynote: Developers are not the enemy! Usable Security for Experts
  • USENIX Enigma: Usable Security - The Source Awakens
  • Future Security: Frontiers of Usable Security and Privacy
  • ETH Zürich: The Need for Usable TLS Public Key Infrastructures
  • USENIX HotSec: Developers Are Users Too: Designing Crypto and Security APIs That Busy Engineers and Sysadmins Can Use Securely with Matthew Green, Johns Hopkins University
  • UCL: Academic Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research: Experts Are Not Infallible - The Need for Usable System Security
  • 16th German-American Frontiers of Engineering Symposium - Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung / U.S. National Academy of Engineering - Human Factors in Big Data Security and Privacy
  • NSA: The future of SSL
  • Edward Snowden Round Table at Princeton Universtiy 
  • Carnegie Mellon University CyLab Seminar Series “Saving SSL – Usable Security for Administrators and Developers”
  • NDSS USEC'15 Keynote: “Experts Are Not Infallible - The Need for Usable System Security”
  • Fujitsu CIO Roundtable “Sicherheit und Benutzbarkeit bei mobilen Systemen, Cloud Computing und Big Data: Widerspruch oder zwei Seiten einer Medaille?”
  • Science of Security (SoS) Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition “Rethinking SSL Development in an Appified World”
  • CISPA Distinguished Lecture Series - Saarland University: “Usable Security & Privacy -From end-users to administrators and developers”
  • Deutsche Telekom Trainee Program: Usable Security for Industry
  • Panel Member: The State of the Art in e-Banking Security and Usability at Financial Cryptography’13
  • Fourth DAAD Summer School on Current Trends in Distributed Systems: Usable Security for the Cloud 




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